A message from Tensheds

"This is a year with changes as I have some exciting news to share with you, though I do fear this will come with a little sadness.

Today I am closing the door to Tensheds. I feel it’s the right time to move on and to explore other avenues along my musical path. But before I do so, I want to thank each and every one of you for your support, and for sharing this amazing journey with me. It really has been incredible, and for that I am forever thankful. 

However, please don’t think of me as disappearing, I’m merely changing my suit....

And with that, I’m excited to announce to you my new act, King Killership. Just me and a piano, delving into my love of the blues and exploring where me and this instrument will go.

So please do follow me on the new social sites where I will be sharing the beginnings of this new act, and the next chapter along my musical path, but for now, Stay Safe, Be Kind,

I have been Tensheds, goodnight."